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Globs World

Flash game level editing site.
GlobsWorld.com is a fun site based around a game called Globs: Path of the Guru. It allows players to make puzzles and share them with their friends. It even takes thumbnails of the levels to use as icons! It’s pretty nifty you should check it out.
Click here to visit Globs World.

TowelsAndHome.com Magento Store

This store was built using the Magento eCommerce script.

iTouch Biometrics – Online store

This is a custom store built from Zen Cart.

Choo Choo’s Chicken

Choo Choo’s Chicken is a chain of restaurants in the Chicago area.

Specialized Tactical

Specialized Tactical is a custom assault rifle manufacturer.


Jacksmack.com is a popular Flash game portal.

Don Davis The 70th Composition – Flash Website

This is a very musical site, it was for a tribute gala for Don Davis, a prominent Detroit native and a famous musician.   This was created for a partner company DreamCo Design.

Click here to view the site.

The Texan BBQ

The Texan BBQ is a restaurant in Algonquin IL.  They are a really great place to eat if you like Texas style BBQ.   I really liked working on this website and it showed immediate results with people commenting on how they liked the website to the owners of the restaurant.   It really helped their online image.

Dainity Magazine

Dainity magazine is a startup website and magazine aiming to show that women can be attractive even if they are not only wearing scraps of clothing.